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Features & Benefits

■ Extended oil drain intervals, oil drain intervals can be exceeded
■ 8000 hours under normal operation conditions
■ Excellent oxidation stability, resists the formation of carbon deposits and the formation of sludge
■ Very good rust and wear protection
■ Very low pour point
■ Very good surface properties, result in a low foaming tendency and good demulsibility properties
■ Miscibility, fully miscible with mineral oils
■ Seal compatibility, compatible with all sealing materials, NBR, FKM, EPM


CS-8000® is premium air compressor oil, capable of giving the best available performance in any oil-flooded air compressor of screw or vane type. Based on selected synthetic base fluids CS-8000® provides long oil life and effective lubrication in machines working in extremes of temperature and working conditions.

CS-8000® is designed for use in rotary vane and screw air compressors, oil flooded single and two-stage compressors, in particular those operating with higher output pressures of up to 20 bar and with air discharge temperatures higher than 100 °C (including intermittent operation under these conditions). CS-8000® is suitable for the equipment running under severe conditions. May also be used where exceptionally high ambient temperatures are found, when the oil temperature cannot be reduced to normal levels.


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