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Features & Benefits

Ultra-low differential pressure for all elements and cartridges

The unique curved inlet design was engineered to provide the lowest possible differential pressure

Double threaded filter head, extruded, fully anodized sea-water resistant housing, and zero loss drain option

Threaded units available from 25 to 1,900 scfm and up to 232 psig

Simple, push-fit element designs, no tie-rods, hexagonal bottom housing profile - we considered the details in the design

iPUR® Threaded Coalescing and Particulate Filters

1. Connections
The threaded end fittings of the iPUR® compressed air filters are, compared with those of other filter brands, generously dimensioned and constructionally optimally aligned with the connections of the different compressor manufacturers. Energy guzzling constrictions are therefore a thing of the past. Through the innovative connection method, the full cross-section will also be maintained when combining several iPUR® compressed air filters.
2. Filter elements
The energy efficient filter elements and cartridges are designed without the use of cross-section-reducingand tension disturbing anchors. They are flow resistance optimized in both flow directions from inside / out and outside / in. The innovative push-fit design of the elements allows easy and fast replacement, and the sintered borosilicate fibers extend the element lifetime.
3. More profitability
Up to 75 % less flow resistance; more profitability. The flow optimized, curved inlet saves energy costs. 
4. Increased safety 
The safe shutter mechanism offers 100 % control when opening the filter housing. In the event that the housing is opened under pressure, a warning signal sounds. The shutter mechanism also prevents unlatching during vibrations.
5. Effective corrosion protection
Condensate accumulating during compressed air filtration is almost always aggressive, so the unprotected housings corrode. iPUR® filter housings are made of saltwater-resistant aluminum and, in addition, are fully anodized. This increases the operational safety because corrosion cannot develop on the clean-air side; the ultimate consumer is therefore protected. Moreover, the permanently smooth surface reduces the flow resistance.
6. Ease of maintenance
A hexagonal profile has been included in the design of the filter housing allowing it to be easily opened for element changes.
7. Condensate collecting zone
A generously-dimensioned condensate collecting zone prevents the entrainment of already separated condensate.



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