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Features & Benefits

Ultra-low differential pressure for all elements and cartridges

True zero air loss condensate technology can save up to $600 per year

Powder-coated steel housing with unique vessel design and differential pressure gauge

Easy to access top load design with super simple, plug and play element holders

From 1,900 to 21,000 scfm and up to 200 psig with the widest range of filter grades available

iPUR® Flanged Coalescing & Particulate Filters

1. Connections
The filter housing has two one-level compressed air connections enabling easy installation in existing pipeworks.
2. Differential pressure gauge 
To be able to also optically monitor the contamination degree of the filter elements when the housings are closed, all filters can be optionally equipped with a differential manometer which is readable from both sides. The scaled indication can be used for the direct energy-cost analysis.
3. Housings
ICP flanged-filter housings receive full-bath galvanising according to the high-temperature method. Prior to the galvanising process, the housings are subject to alkaline degreasing and pickling, which results in high-grade inside and outside surface protection.
4. Easy to maintain
With regards to the iPUR® flanged filters, the replacement of filter elements is easily undertaken from the top. The inconvenient dismantling of condensate drains is therefore no longer necessary. To open the filter housing, only the upper blank flange is loosened, except for one remaining flange screw which is then used like a pivot joint. In smaller device sizes, the blank flange can easily be fully removed.
5. Filter element
The large surface of the filter elements reduces the air velocity to energetically favourable values. The cavity volume of the polyfibre filter material of 98 % ensures lowest pressure loss. With this, the cross-sectional area free for the through-flow is many times larger in iPUR® filters.


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