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Features & Benefits

  • Purge Saver Energy Management System - Shuts Off
  • Regeneration Cycle when Limit Temperatures are Reached
  • iSTE Exclusive Logic Pro Information Center
  • System Inlet and Regeneration Temperature Readouts
  • Pre and After-Filters Installed
  • Filter Drains
  • Filter Differential Pressure Indication
  • Premium Electronic Switching Valve
  • Tuned Regeneration System (Patent Pending)
  • Industrial Duty Blower
  • Low-Watt Incoloy Heater
  • Heater Over-Temperature Protection with Alarm
  • Dew Point Sight Glass
  • Tower Stainless Steel Bezel Pressure Gauges
  • ASME/CRN Pressure Vessel (iSTE-100 and Larger)
  • Purge Exhaust Muffler
  • Full Charge of USA Desiccant


Mojave® Single Tower Blower Purge Desiccant Air Dryer

Moisture in compressed air is damaging. Using untreated air results in water and contaminants in your air lines, costly shut-downs and poor quality product. Until now, the solution was simple: take a risk and implement refrigeration technology, and live with poor air quality and high maintenance, but preserve the bottom line; or pay for high quality air from a desiccant adsorption drying system, and add the costs at the bottom line.

ICP’s Mojave Series iSTE Dryers are a desiccant air drying system that provides air quality consistent with adsorption technology yet costs less to operate than a refrigerated dryer. With only two moving parts and rugged construction, iSTE’s simplicity will impress, and perform beyond your expectations.

iSTE lets you focus on your process, not the utility that drives it....

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