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Features & Benefits

■ Non-Varnishing
■ Reduced Energy Costs
■ Superior Lubricity
■ Optimal Heat Transfer Properties


Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) based fluid technology was introduced to the air compressor industry by leading compressor manufacturers in the 1980s. 30 years later, many advancements have been made. ICP has now introduced the NEXT GENERATION of PAG lubricants with the introduction of Quadra-Coolant®.

PAGs blended with esters provide for high performance compressor coolants with extended life for discharge temperatures up to 110°C. PAGs are excellent lubricants because of their high viscosity index and affinity to metal surfaces and having outstanding cooling properties and hydrolytic stability. These coolants have very good oxidative stability, low volatility and a low tendency for varnish and deposit formation. Esters are added to improve wettability to metal. The ester also improves elastomer compatibility and additive solubility. PAGs are not compatible with mineral oil and PAO. 

Unlike other lubricants, both mineral and synthetic, Quadra-Coolant® performs outstanding in both cold and hot environments. 

Quadra-Coolant® is not only varnish free but will also dissolve varnish from other lesser quality lubricants. This will extend the life of your compressor and add reliability. Without the added resistance caused by varnish your compressor will run cooler and save energy. 

Quadra-Coolant® provides extremely long life, at least 8 to 10 times as long as mineral oils. It has 20% to 50% longer life than other synthetic lubricants. This saves you both in the cost of the lubricant and in disposal costs.


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